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We provide palm tree removal services in Adelaide. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best service. We are equipped to remove entire palm trees or dead/dying fronds that are unsafe.

We also offer related palm tree services such as palm pruning and trimming.

palm tree removal needed in Adelaide

Palm trees can give your Adelaide property a glamorous sub-tropical look, but they can also impose a risk to structures and other vegetation.

After clearing your palms, we’ll clean up the site afterward and leave the place tidy.

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When is palm tree removal necessary?

We know that palm trees add a beautiful tropical look to your garden, but they can cause a headache, especially regarding continuing maintenance.

Here are everyday circumstances in which tree removal is a necessity:

dead palm tree

Palm Tree Is Now Dangerous

Palm trees can grow unpredictably, sometimes in directions that become hazardous to people, property or infrastructure such as electricity lines.

Palm trees also become risky when their fronds have died but are still on the tree. The dead fronds can unexpectedly fall -leading to damage or injury.

Palm Tree Looks Unappealing

Like any other tree, palms require some attention! Dead fronds may look unattractive and should be eliminated to make room for rejuvenation.

As opposed to other plants, palm fronds are not easy to deal with. They are heavy, bulky and often hard to access without the right equipment.

Palm Tree Infections

Palm trees can get infected with diseases that may kill them. You should remove your palm plant as soon as possible – to avoid the spread to other plants.

A reputable tree expert such as Adelaide Tree Removals can assess the situation and recommend either full removal or pruning.

Palm Fruits Attract Unwanted Visitors

Some palm berries are a yummy food source for some wild species such as bats and birds. Leftover berries drop, creating a large, sticky mess.

Presence of Pests 

Several pests may decide to inhabit your palm tree. Besides being unsightly, these pests can also jeopardize the health of your tree and garden. 

Too Much Root Growth 

Another indication that a tree needs to be removed is its roots growing too large. Large roots from palm trees can pose a risk of damaging your property and plumbing system. 

Complaint From Your Neighbour

As palm trees can grow so tall and become hard to care for, it’s no wonder they cause conflict between neighbours.

When your tree constantly leads to disagreements with your neighbours, that’s a clear sign that something needs to be done.

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Why you should call a professional company to remove your palms in Adelaide

Palm tree removal is one of those projects you should avoid DIY.

A professional tree company will:

  • provide expert analysis of your situation
  • all jobs will be safely done
  • provide you with long-term peace of mind
  • be comprehensively insured

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Palm tree removal process:

1. Site analysis and plant inspection: this can be done via photos or on-site visit or a combination of both.

2. Quote and Booking: Once we understand your needs, we’ll prepare a quote. After you accept our quote, we’ll schedule a convenient time to complete the job.

3. Removing your palm trees: we’ll come to your property and get the job done


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