About Adelaide Tree Removals

Our Story

Adelaide Tree Removals began ten years ago with a mission to enhance community safety and maintain Adelaide‘s gardens natural beauty. Founded by George Smith, a dedicated tree and garden specialist, the company quickly became a trusted name in the industry. From precise tree trimming to complete removal, stump grinding, and land clearing, our fully insured team offers top-tier services for both residential and commercial properties. Located in the heart of Adelaide, we proudly service all areas of Greater Adelaide .

Meet George Smith

George, founder of Adelaide Tree Removals, brings a wealth of horticultural expertise to the table. With years of experience in botanical gardens and landscape design, George‘s deep understanding of plant care and ecosystem health is the backbone of our operations. Inspired by the need for reliable tree care during a severe bushfire season, George established the company to provide essential services and ensure community safety. Outside of work, George enjoys exploring Adelaide‘s natural landscapes and staying current with the latest horticultural practices. His dedication to excellence drives Adelaide Tree Removals every day.

George Smith