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Get that perfect hedge with our professional hedge pruning and trimming maintenance service

We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals who will ensure your hedges are pruned to perfection.

Pruning can be quite a challenge!Getting that pruning right is hard work}!

Pruning and trimming your hedges until it achieves that perfect shape is one of the hardest gardening skills. Most gardeners (even the more keen ones) don’t know how and when to do it to promote thriving growth.

That’s where we can help.

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Adelaide Tree Removals has several years of experience shaping hedges in Adelaide and will make sure your hedge is pruned with the best methods to maintain health, size, and visual beauty.

We have the equipment and knowledge to properly trim hedges, achieving high angles and maximizing every inch of your garden area. Contact us for an obligation-free quote.

Adelaide‘s Top Tree Service Company. Call Today!

Tel. (08) 7282 0001

Benefits of Hedge Pruning in Adelaide

A perfectly pruned hedge will not only enhance the beauty of your garden but also:

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Keep Plant Health

Getting your hedges pruned by a professional will eliminate dead and diseased branches and leaves promoting the overall health of the plant and minimising the risk of contamination to other species within the garden.

Reduce Risks

Properly pruned plants are much easier to work around than overgrown hedges. They won’t block paths or create tripping hazards and, as an added benefit, they require less water to thrive.

Shape and Growth Control

Another advantage you get from pruning is to dictate hedge direction and growth speed. When you remove excess branches, you encourage growth that generally becomes more dense and upright. This enables you to shape the hedge to your liking and more to your taste.

Make More Use of Your Space

Hedges are a great landscape tool in terms of defining spaces in your outdoor area.

Are you ready to take charge of the look of your landscape?

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Hedge Pruning vs. Hedge Trimming: Are they different?

Most people often use pruning and trimming interchangeably. And that’s understandable because the two words are indeed very similar—they just refer to slightly different methods to achieve plant growth control.

Pruning involves removing branches, twigs, buds, and sometimes even the roots of trees. It is critical to prune dead branches or diseased areas of a plant to prevent the disease from spreading. Trimming, on the other hand, generally involves shaping plants according to a design.

To summarise, pruning is primarily for plant health, while trimming is more about aesthetics.

Fortunately, at Adelaide Tree Removals, no job is too small or too complex for us to handle.

Our Tree Services Approach in Adelaide

When you contract our services, here is pretty much what happens:

  1. Initial Assessment: in a lot of cases, it’s possible to do a quote based on photos and on Google Earth images of the premises. If this is not enough, we can visit you.
  2. Consultation and On-site Assessment: Our team may come to your premises and discuss your goals for your hedges. We will look at the type of plant, its location, and what our team can do to make it thrive.
  3. Quote: we’ll provide you with an obbligation free quote.
  4. Pruning Plan: Our team will provide you with a detailed pruning plan that will enable you to get the most efficient outcome from our pruning services with minimum frequency and mess.
  5. Take Action: Our team will immediately get the job done with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We will work quickly and professionally minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine.
  6. Clean Up: We will thoroughly tidy up the area and remove all rubbish.

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